Choose Your Payment/Pack

We have 3 ways that you can pay for your rally pack and one even gets you $5 back!!!

(scroll to bottom for more info!)

$20 - The Standard Pack

You know the drill, it gets you into the parties, has drink tickets and has some swag to prove you were at our rally.

$30 - The Expansion Pack

Everything in the Standard pack plus a little bit more!

Square CashApp


If you don't already use the CashApp you can get $5 back if you use our referral code.

STEP 1: Download CashApp using your phone through the above link in the button.
STEP 2: Open the Cash app and tap the icon at the top-left corner.
STEP 3: At the bottom of the screen, tap Enter Reward Code and then type ‘RDRRWLS’
Step 4: Scroll up to FUNDS and add a DEBIT card.
Step 5: Send us the money for the rally pack and $5 should show up in your account after 3-4 days.